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  • Приходите на софийските молове "Сердика" и "&

    Нетните оперативни приходи на двата софийски мола на NEPI Rockcastle - "Сердика център" и "Парадайз център", са нараснали с повече от 8% през 2019 г., достигайки 35.9 млн. евро. Това показва годишният отчет на южноафриканския фонд. От информацията става ясно още, че третият български търговски център на фонда, който ще се намира в Пловдив, трябва да е готов следващата есен. Наематели Данните от отчета показват, че нетните оперативни приходи на работещите български молове...
    25 Февруари 2020, 08:00
  • Кой ще живее в технологичния квартал "Аспе

    Предстои и да се направи напълно възобновяема енергийна система в новия жилищен комплекс
    25 Февруари 2020, 08:00
  • (DF) Anti-Coronavirus Centre Established in Sofia

    February 24 (BTA) - The Security Council with Bulgaria's Council of Ministers decided to set up a centre to fight the coronavirus outbreak and prevent the infection from spreading into Bulgaria, Prime Minister Boyko Borissov told journalists on Monday. The centre will be chaired by Maj. Gen. Ventsislav Moutafchiiski, head of the Military Medical Academy (MMA) in Sofia.
    25 Февруари 2020, 08:00
  • Плаващи жилища - решение за недостига на домове в големите градове в света

    Структури на вода могат да подкрепят и временни събития като Световното първенство по футбол в Катар
    24 Февруари 2020, 08:00
  • 3D принтираните къщи скоро може да станат реалност

    Технологията има значителен потенциал да разтърси строителния сектор
    23 Февруари 2020, 08:00
  • (DF) Mining Company Officials Arrested for Cyanide Pollution of Two Rivers

    February 22 (BTA) - Cyanide pollution in the Yugovska and Chepelarska rivers in Southern Bulgaria is 20 times the safety limit, Tsvetelina Kuneva, head of the East Aegean Region Basin Directorate (EARBD), said on Saturday. The Yugovska flows into the Chepelarska, which is a right-bank tributary of the Maritsa. The CEO of the Lucky Invest mining and quarrying company and the company tailings pond head officer were arrested on suspicion of being responsible for the pollution and were taken into 24-hour custody, the Plovdiv Directorate of the Interior Ministry said. Pretrial proceedings have been launched in connection with the case. Earlier on Saturday, Environment and Water Minister Emil Dimitrov, Plovdiv Regional Governor Dani Kanazireva and other public officials inspected the area. The pollution was detected on Friday after a surprise check by the EARBD and the Smolyan Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Water (RIEW). It was ascertained that the Lucky Invest plant was non-operational and its pumps were off, causing polluted water to overflow the rim of the tailings pond settler and spill into the river, RIEW Director Ekaterina Gadjeva said. Minister Dimitrov said that all competent institutions were notified of the situation as soon as the alert was received. Dimitrov noted: "When we went there, we saw that the pumps were on. That is to say, actions had been taken to mitigate the effects and to present the situation in a different light." Water from the polluted rivers is not currently being used for irrigation. so there is no risk of polluting farm land. Water supply to a local fishery has been suspended, Irrigation Systems Company Executive Director Snezhina Dineva said. Lucky Invest will be penalized and will be ordered to halt any outflow of waste water from its plant. The plant should stay out of operation until the tailings pond settler is cut off from the river, Gadjeva said. According to Plovdiv Regional Governor Dani Kanazireva, Lucky Invest obviously channelled its waste water into the river deliberately, "which is unacceptable and verges on crime." There is no risk for potable water in the area, she added. RY/VE //
    23 Февруари 2020, 08:00
  • От състезателните писти до строителство на супермодерни вили

    Вие сте познат като автомобилен състезател. Каква е връзката между състезанията и строителството на луксозни вили? Преди да стана автомобилен състезател, аз съм строителен инженер. Работя в строителството повече от 20 години. Дълги години бях собственик на фирма, специализирана в изграждане на обществени инфраструктурни обекти. Защо решихте да се преквалифицирате? В този бизнес има прекалено много фактори, които не зависят от това колко добре си вършиш...
    22 Февруари 2020, 08:00
  • Недостъпният Стар град на Прага изтласква купувачите на жилища към покрайнините

    Местните жители обвиняват за ръста на цените краткосрочните наеми и бавното градско планиране
    22 Февруари 2020, 08:00
  • (DF) PM Borissov Denies Spanish Daily's Allegations Linking Him to Barcelona House, Money Laundering

    February 21 (BTA) - Talking to Bulgarian reporters in Brussels on Friday, Prime Minister Boyko Borissov denied allegations linking him to a house in Barcelona and money laundering published in the Barcelona-based El Periodico daily. The article was discussed in the Bulgarian Parliament on the same day, and the Interior Minister said the Bulgarian authorities had not been notified of an investigation. El Periodico said that the Catalan police and the anti-corruption prosecution office in Madrid are investigating a potential involvement of Bulgarian Prime Minister Borissov in international money laundering, with Barcelona as the final destination. The investigation was launched after the Catalan police found "indications of truth" in an alert submitted by the Bulgarian civil association BOEC in March 2019. The subject of the active investigation is Bulgarian former model Borislava Yovcheva, found to be living in a luxury house in Barcelona registered with one out of two companies that have received over five million euro since 2013 from natural persons outside of Spain. A potential connection between Yovcheva and Borissov is under scrutiny, El Periodico wrote. The Spanish newspaper sent an enquiry about the case to Borissov's cabinet on February 13 but did not receive a reply. Borissov commented: "I'll say for the hundredth time that I have neither a house nor properties there. I last went there when I was [Sofia] mayor, maybe 15 years ago. It is not my money, I have nothing to do with those companies. I have not met the people mentioned for 10, 15 or 20 years. So far no office, authority, prosecution office or police service has contacted me to ask if this is true." He said this was "an old manipulation" against him, which is dusted off each time before elections to smear him. Borissov alluded that President Rumen Radev might have been involved in the latest fanning of the scandal. "I understand all these investigations by my work neighbour. It is said clearly who sent the alerts, which NGOs are involved." Borissov also said he had been forewarned that the article was going to be published. It was to be serialized on four consecutive days this week, but something went wrong. The Prime Minister said the aim was things to come to a head on the day of the procession [led by President Rumen Radev in Sofia on February 19] "so that a putsch would be staged". Borissov assumed that he was targeted by a campaign from "the East". He stressed that he was conducting a balanced foreign policy to Russia, but the expulsion of Russian diplomats and the Interpol Red Notices for certain people could be linked to the newspaper allegations. "I hope this is not the case because we have been working very actively on all projects important to the two countries," he said. MPs of Borissov's GERB party said that they were not aware of the article and assumed that it would turn out to be fake news. Asked if the Spanish authorities have alerted the Interior Ministry of an investigation into Borissov's financial interests, Interior Minister Mladen Marinov said: "We hold no information, no enquiries have been made via official channels." The Catalan police, Mossos d'Esquadra, confirmed to the RFE/RL Bulgarian Service that an investigation is in progress but declined to give details, including about Borissov's possible involvement. LN/RY/DD //
    22 Февруари 2020, 08:00
  • Шопинг в Ямбол

    В Ямбол работещ мол в момента няма. Когато имат желание за шопинг, жителите на града отиват до моловете в Бургас и в Стара Загора. Или пътуват 30-те км до S mall в Сливен, в който има H&M и LC Waikiki. Новината е, че две сливенски фамилии започват да строят ритейл парк в Ямбол. Инвестицията се оценява на около 12 млн. лева, частично осигурена от кредит с публично-частни средства. Мерките на парка Retail Park Yambol ще бъде разположен върху 33.6 дка близо до...
    21 Февруари 2020, 08:00